Your product can include full color on a variety of newsprint paper stocks:
40#-60# Offset
27#-40# Newsprint
SCA/SCB 30#-40#
30#-80# C2S Text

Tabloids: The tabloid format is great for rack distributed products and also works well for mailings.

  • Height: 8"-17"
  • Width: Up to 10.5"
  • Page Count: 4 to 32 (per section in 4 page increments

Broadsheets/Standards: We print a multitude of broadsheet (or standard) products on a weekly basis. Ranging from newspapers to premium inserts, this format is large and has great impact.

  • Height: 21"
  • Width: 8" to 17"
  • Page Count: 2 to 20 (per section) in 2 page increments

Single Sheets: With the use of in-line knife trimmers we can provide finished single sheets straight off of our web presses. This is especially useful in larger runs where a sheetfed product would be cost prohibitive.

  • Height: Up to 17"
  • Width: Up to 10"

Custom Inserts: Most formats may also include

  • Pull-outs
  • Gatefold
  • Superflap
  • Spadea
  • Inserts

Wide Format Signs: Available on request


Thank you very much for the fast service on getting the proof to me.... Incidentally thank you very much for catching the typo on page 2. I read and reread this stuff and after awhile it all looks perfect whether it is or not. As always I appreciate your help on this project. Working with you over the years has made my life a lot easier.

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